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Logic Error Hunter version 1.0.1 Release 15.May.2016

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 5:16 am
by tsimeonov
From the Logic Error Hunter development team:

Logic Error Hunter version 1.0.1 released on 15.May.2016 Mostly features and enhancements for the Siemens Step7 target added:
- Siemens Step7 - support for Data blocks added.
+ Nested structure declarations supported
+ References to UDT types supported
+ Shared and instance DBs supported
+ Declarations of DB type tags supported
- Siemens Step7 - support for UDTs added
+ Declaration of UDT type tags supported
+ Declarations of DB type tags supported
+ Declaration of ARRAY tag types supported.
- Siemens Step7 - support for ARRAY data types added.
+ Only single dimensional arrays supported.
- Siemens Step7 - fixed code coverage feature support.

Still some limitations for the Siemens Step7 remaining - will be addressed in future releases:
4.1. Instruction Implementation Limitations :
- Only the following micro instructions supported:
A; (; NOP 0/1; CALL; JNB; L; +D; T; AN; SAVE; CLR; SET; A(; ); OR; ORNOT; S; R; SD; SE; /D; SLW; BTI; EQ_I; UC;
- Only the following macro (composite) instructions supported:
4.2. Indirect addressing support:
+ supports only: I[MD2] - "Memory Indirect Addressing", but not
+ I[AR1, P#1.3] - "Area-Internal Register Indirect Addressing" and not
+ or [AR1, P#1.3] - "Area-Crossing Register Indirect Addressing"
4.3. Symbolic data (tags) support: yes
Note: Symbols (symbol table) need to be exported "by hand" from Step7 in "dif" format and imported as
is at the beginig of the AWL file – see demo for an example. Only global symbols supported.
4.4. ANY type tags - Not supported.
4.5. TOD data types not supported
4.6. String tag types not supported.
4.7. Addresses of registers allowed 0-500.
4.8. Supported Address tag references in program: I, IB, IW, ID, Q, QB, QW, QD, M, MB, MW, MD. L, LB, LW, LD, T, C
(counter instr not supported).
4.9. PI, PIB, PIW, PID - peripheral input address references in program not supported.
4.10. PQ, PQB, PQW, PQD - peripheral output address references in program not supported.
4.11. Immediate value specifications supported: xxx (INT); L#xxx (DINT);
DW#16#xxxxxxxx (DWORD); W#16#xxxx (WORD); x.xxxx (REAL); S5T#xxH_xxM_xxS_XXXMS (timer time).
4.12. Only single dimensional arrays supported.
4.13. Variable Tables not supported.

- Approximate next Logic Error Hunter release date - 15.07.2016- will target further Siemens Step7 enhancements and a a new Schneider Unity (Quantum, Modicon etc.) demo target support.

Logic Error Hunter demo download is free - enjoy.

The Logic Error Hunter Development Team.