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  • Control Systems Auto Generation and Automated Testing

  • Affordable software tools enabling methodical, rapid development of high quality, error free control systems for industrial automation projects in a fraction of the time and money spend by using conventional development methods.

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    Our automated control logic testing tools and methods can generate and execute PLC logic tests automatically by analyzing the code of the PLC program. The tests can be re-used throughout the whole life cycle of a PLC controlled industrial application. Initially they are used to create control logic test suites in parallel with the development of a Control System PLC application program. Later on, the same test suites are used for regression testing throughout the life cycle of the PLC application - for instance during control system upgrades or expansions when the logic of the PLC program is modified.

    Logic Error Hunter Overview

    Our Control Systems auto-generation tool can safe up to 80% of development time by replacing PLC/SCADA manually coded typicals (repeated coding patterns) with auto-generated code. It is required to specify only minimal amount of design input data for the purpose.

    Control System Autogen Overview
  • Our SCADA/PLC auto-generation and logic testing solutions are applicable to all branches of the industry like Oil and Gas Processing and Supply, Water Treatment and Distribution, Mining, Metal Processing, Food and Beverages to mention only a few.

  • Our software products are applicable to any Control Systems project regardless of size, scale and complexity.
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